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Suppliers Access Gateway

Are you in trouble monitoring any access or activity carry out by your suppliers on your critical OT or IT systems, which are functional for cyber security, operation and auditing/compliance issues?

We have developed internally the so called Supplier Access Gateway (SAG), a solution that allows you to record, archived and digitally sign your suppliers’ remote access to your internal systems, in order to assure control, compliances and an easy verification in case of anomaly event or disputes. Key features:

  • it is a virtual appliance
  • it can be accessed simply via HTTPS from a standard browser
  • the user is authenticated with a multi-factor authentication
  • it is fully auditable
  • it can be deployed on every kind of server (dbms, dc, application, etc.) , OT system (ICS/SCADA), any kind of Virtual Private Cloud solution (AWS, Azure..)