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Cloud Best Practices & Cyber Security Posture Analysis

Organizations leverage cloud services in a variety of service models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and deployment models (Private, Public, Hybrid) in order to reduce costs and increase speed to market.  As more personal, regulated and corporate proprietary information is placed in the cloud, concerns are increasing about how to secure that sensitive information and still enable the business.

Companies are dealing with a range of obstacles when securing sensitive data in the cloud, including:  
  • ensuring that their various cloud providers are protecting their data properly
  • thwarting and detecting cyber criminals
  • managing insider threats
  • dealing with legal liability
  • managing lack of standardization and lack of support
  • adequately securing applications.

Our experience covers the security analysis of various cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP) to check the complete configurations of the cloud console and its Identity Access Management (IAM) in terms of security best practices: login credentials, strong authentication, access permissions, buckets’ permission and visibility, ACLs and network security policies, various security reviews and fine-tuning of what is used.